About this Project

On April 27, 2022, Numero TOKYO will open the Metaverse Gallery "MetaGallery by Numero TOKYO" in collaboration with "1Block," Japan's first digital fashion label based on 3DCG. All works exhibited at the gallery will be sold as NFTs*. All works exhibited at the gallery will be sold as NFTs*, which art works and digital fashion items created in collaboration with various creators, artists, and brands.

(※) NFT is an abbreviation for "Non-Fungible Token," a digital asset that cannot be tampered with, forged, or destroyed.


The first exhibition in the gallery will be the NFT limited edition "Minted-Edition" of the NumeroTOKYO cover. The series lineup, rich in variations, will be exhibited in the gallery and sold in the NFT marketplace, OpenSea.


 +DA .YO .NE

Collaboration with next generation artists and illustrators is curated by "+ DA. YO. NE", a label led by Yasumasa Yonehara, who curated the feature and cover of NumeroTOKYO for the March 2022 issue (on sale 1/28).




While employed at a company they are also working as an artist. In addition to sharing their artwork on social media, they have also participated in and won prizes in design competitions, been used as a wall painting in apparel stores, and collaborated on numerous products. Their name comes from her wish to give back to their hometown, Niigata, through creative work. They are also working on the cover of the regular edition of "Numéro TOKYO" for the March 2022 issue (on sale January 28).



Born in 1991, Shizuka paints using traditional Japanese painting materials such as washi paper, sumi ink, mizuhoshi, and iwa-enogu. They work on themes such as the influence of others on the process of personality formation and the unacknowledged stress of human beings.


Ando Shizuka




With interactions between people, there are often feelings of unease and feeling out of place. These human emotions are depicted in Shizuka’s works.


This is a 3D generative NFT avatar project developed by 1BLOCK, with several thousands of 1/1 avatars to be released in May. METASAMURAI will now be featured on the digital cover of the NFT Limited Edition Numéro TOKYO!


Road Map

“Just the beginning” 

Future projects include collaborations with various brands and artists on fashion items. As the first of these projects, we are pleased to present the Cover NFT Collection. Owning a Cover NFT is an important KEY to the collection, as it allows you to purchase items from the collection that are only available to you.


Art Contest

Creator Challenge


Chance to add your work to the 1st COLLECTION! For this project, an artwork competition was held. Selected works will be exhibited in the gallery as part of the 1st COLLECTION lineup, and will appear in "Numéro TOKYO" magazine(on sale 5/27) and their online edition.




I created this work with the image of Mode fashion in the digital space. Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of digital technology, we challenge ourselves to express ourselves using materials and patterns that are difficult to create in the real world.





More than A Woman. As the world is being constructed we need more female empowerment. The empowerment of women will make the world a more colorful and innovate space. We believe women can create an environment where everyone can be themselves.




What is NFT

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token" and refers to digital data (numerical representation of music, video, or images) that cannot be forged. Unlike analog data such as books and photographs, normal digital data can be easily duplicated. In the fashion industry, too, technology is being used to create a new future in which buying clothes is not just about wearing them.

About Numéro TOKYO

This international magazine features of creations for modern women who live strong and flexible lives. Started in 2007, with fashion director Ako Tanaka as editor-in-chief, the Japanese edition inherited the philosophy of Numéro magazine, which was launched in France in 1999. Numéro TOKYO" covers a wide range of categories such as fashion, art, beauty, design, and architecture from a unique perspective, proposing a new way of life and a new sense of values. It also features collaborations with celebrities and other cultural figures.


Who is 1Block

1Block is Japan's first 3DCG-based digital fashion label that uses the latest technologies, including 3DCG and Blockchain, to produce digital content that can be used in multiple universes, taking into account all kinds of utilities.